Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Yesterday it was it is frigid!

it has been 3 years since we've seen ice like this and what is amazing is how quickly the area froze.  I think todays high was minus 4, hate to think what it was down there at the water with the wind-chill.

never the less we made it over to the park and the log bay.  The interesting thing is that the water is open right at the shoreline...

as is the water in both the log bay (above) and the first bay.  However....

it is a different story 'out there'.  Look at the chop on the water and that is in fairly close to shore.  The river itself is a whole different story.  Lot's of swans out there though...mainly Trumpeter Swans I think, but to tell the truth it was way to cold to hang around and try to get positive ID's

here's another look and a selection of some of the many ducks out there.

remember when we were wondering where the Northern Pintails were?  Well now we are seeing them everyday - at least so far.  I expect that by tomorrow morning there won't be much open water left so not sure where the ducks will be.

and the Bald Eagles?  well most of them are having a ball riding the thermals overhead but of course they do have to stop and eat although it must be getting a bit difficult as all those salmon carcasses are now popsicles.

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