Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A short paddle

This afternoon we decided to throw the canoe in the water and go for a short paddle....

the way the water levels are dropping figured better go while the going was good!

Several Canada Goose families were not amused and quickly moved their goslings into the safety of the long grass.

there was a Bald Eagle perched out on one of the partially submerged logs.

spotted this female Hooded Merganser hiding along the shore.

we were a bit concerned that there was no activity or any sign at all of any Purple Martins.  Had to remind ourselves that it is only mid-May, perhaps it is too early yet.

at least the Bullock's Orioles are here - this female was busy on the shore, probably gathering nesting materials.

a pleasant surprise was finding a number of Evening Grosbeaks....none of which were too cooperative about picture taking.

and lot's of Red-wing Blackbirds....think most females are still sitting on nests...  Birds seen but no pictures of were Tree Swallows, Barn Swallows, Turkey Vultures, and Osprey.

Earlier in the day took this photo of an American Robin having a bath in the boat launch.....and have to finish with a photo of these.....

native Foxgloves!  They are just spectacular right now.  These were growing on the bank.

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