Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rising water

It is that time of the year....went for a walk one day, the path was bone dry...

24 hours later it was under water!  A combination of warm weather then some heavy rain had it's effect....whether levels will drop again or whether this is it and levels will continue to climb - only time will tell.

We attempted a walk over at Harrison Bay yesterday between downpours....

the wind was so strong that there were white caps on the bay and nothing much in the way of birds although we did spot the first Brown headed Cowbirds of the season.

all winter it seems all area Eurasian collared Doves hung out at Kilby but now they have spread out and we are seeing, and hearing them all over the area.

not a great photo...but does show that American Goldfinch are back although not in great numbers yet.  Rufous Hummingbirds are still pretty sparse too.  White crowned Sparrows have been seen the last few days....pretty much right on time.

Expecting a Band Tail Pigeon to show up any day now.

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