Saturday, March 19, 2016

Last day of winter.....

In less than 2 hours, as I write this, it will be spring....the last couple of days have been more like spring than winter....

high cloud today but nice and warm...up to 15 c degrees.

lots of Tree Swallows flying around the nesting boxes...hope those boxes hang on for another season!

Even spotted....

a male Yellow-rump Warbler today ~ the first of the season.

lots of Song Sparrows hiding in the bushes.

Chickadee's, both the Black-capped like the guy above....

and Chestnut-backed like this one are busy checking out nesting sites.  The Black-caps seem to prefer the more open bushy areas while the Chestnut back prefer the denser areas.

and the Salmon Berries are in full flower now.  Still waiting for the first Rufous  Hummingbird to show up.  My daughter on Vancouver Island had one in her yard yesterday so they are on their way.  I did hear some Evening Grosbeaks today...hopefully they'll return for a photo opportunity.

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