Monday, January 18, 2016

Saddest day of the year?

So they say today  is the saddest day of the year....well not if you are an...

Anna's Hummingbird!  There were so many of them and they were chattering and doing their diving displays and just having a wonderful time.  The fact that the sun was shining probably helped.

at the same time the Black-cap Chickadees were almost as busy.   This one paused to eat one of the few Pacific Choke Cherry fruit that remain but most of them were busy doing their preliminary pairing up and starting the search for nesting sites.  Something they do for months before getting down to business.

lots of other little guys as well like this Song Sparrow, as well as lots of Junco.

not much going on in the water.  Mind you there isn't much in the way of water out there.

there were a few Mallard paddling around in the shallows....the males green heads were just gleaming in the sunshine.

this female Belted Kingfisher was also chattering about the area with an eye out for something to eat.

Speaking of eye out....

this Bald Eagle was giving us the 'eagle eye' yesterday.

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