Friday, December 11, 2015

Up and down

We've had a full gamete of weather recently....torrential rains brought water levels way up...

then we had a stormy day that brought bouts of hail followed by some sunshine.

then today brought clear skies and sunshine and with cooler temperatures, water levels are dropping back down.  Must mention that right on schedule there was a little flock of Bufflehead ducks in this spot today.  They usually show up in December and stay until about March.  Were also a lot of Canada Geese between here and Morris Valley Road.

Masses of Trumpeter Swans out there today.  These are just a few of them.  Not as many Bald Eagles seen though.  The salmon run is pretty much over so numbers are starting to thin, a little earlier than normal it seems.  There were a lot of ducks although between the eagles that are moving into hunting mode and a hunter of another sort (human) they were very restless.  Mallard and American Wigeon primarily but also some Common Goldeneye, Green Wing Teal and Common Merganser.

didn't spend any time at the log bay as there were a bunch of photographers.  On the walk back came across a bunch of....

Golden-crowned Kinglets.  These little guys don't sit still for two seconds so this was the best I managed. 

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