Friday, November 20, 2015

Between storms.....

So we are sitting here between storms.....the one past was weather....the one to come is the 20th annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival - a storm of people!

But lets go back to Tuesday when the area was hit by torrential rains and close to hurricane force winds causing an awful lot of damage.....

we've shown this scene many times over the years....notice something different?

here is the same scene, photo taken 8 days ago - see that piling off the tip of land...well check the first photo again....the wind snapped it right off.

Lots of trees were either blown right down, like these cedars, or snapped off part way up, in fact for close to 12 hours that day no one could get in or out as the road was blocked in one direction by numerous downed trees, power poles and wires and in the other direction by a large rock slide. 

Despite all that, the area is ready for the influx of eagle viewing visitors and there are definitely eagles out there....

and swans....

this Trumpeter Swan family with 4 youngsters are getting so used to people that they are almost tame! 
The weather forecast and water levels are contributing to almost perfect viewing conditions, but please, if you are coming out to the festival, respect both the birds and the environment....leave your pets at home or in your vehicle, control your children and stay on the trails.

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