Monday, July 6, 2015

Sizzling, smokey July

Well it has been awhile.....took some time away from the estuary and ever since coming back temperatures have been sizzling....yesterday reaching 37 C, in fact there hasn't been a day in probably the last 10 that we haven't reached at least the 30 C mark.

Then this morning we woke to this.....

a very smoky log bay.  My husband actually took this photo as the smoke is a blessing in disguise, suppressing the temperature enough that he could actually take our dogs for a good walk.

He also spotted this young Great Blue Heron in the grasses to the side of the bay.

At lunch time we decided to venture over to Kilby and Harrison Bay.....

also smoky.  Good news is that water levels are staying high.  So many rivers and streams are drying up throughout the province with virtually no rain for almost 3 months now and no snow pack from last winter to replenish supplies.

Driving back we spotted this Wilson's Snipe standing right on the edge of the road.  Of course once we stopped and backed up, it had made it's way through the grass and then into a muddy drainage ditch where attempts for a better photo were futile.

Here is a look up the Harrison River towards the estuary....

and the view from Morris Valley Road.  Wanted to mention .....

that this too is a little doesn't expect to find ripe Himalayan Blackberries until August....not the first week of July!

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