Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our baby, maybe?

Haven’t ventured out of the yard today, but have amused myself with getting more baby bird pictures….  early this morning there were a lot of young Northern Flickers, one even came to one of my feeders, but they were far to shy for pictures….

Young Rufous

Not so for the young Rufous Hummingbirds!  There are so many of them out there today and they are anything but shy – I swear I could have reached out and touched this little guy!

Rufous at Monarda

and they are loving, and fighting over, the flowers of the Bee Balm or Monarda – one of the plants that any Hummingbird garden should have!

Dark-eyed Junco fledgling with parent

also out there today has been this very young Dark Eyed Junco – with, in this case, daddy.  No doubt a second hatch.

Black-capped chickadee on feeder

the Black-capped Chickadees (and the Chestnut-backed) are still visiting the peanut feeder regularly – I’ve never fed peanuts in the summer before but I am finding it is getting more use now than it normally does in the winter!

Purple Finch at fountain

a young Purple Finch stopped at the fountain for a drink….

Spotted Towhee Fledgling

and could this little guy be our poor baby Spotted Towhee?  The development stage looks about right – he’s got his tail now but his wings were still quite short and he still appeared quite fluffy….he ventured out of my neighbours yard to have a bit of a sun bath…. I’m hoping it is the same little guy so the story has a happy ending.  One very good thing about the complex I live in is that cats must be indoor cats – young birds like this stand a much better chance of survival when they aren’t been hunted by so called ‘domestic’ cats.

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